The Hairy Stories trilogy

The Hairy Stories trilogy is a series of three anthropological short films about body hair. On these pages you can read about the theoretical background of the films. True Body and Salon are available online, whereas Body Hair is screened occasionally.

Hairy Stories

True Body, 2016. 5:14 min.

Directed, produced and edited by Louise Hollerup, Shannon Turner and Maja Byriel. Produced in Eye & Mind, Laboratory for Visual Anthropology. AVAILABLE ONLINE

Body Hair, 2017. 15:51. Palestine/Denmark

Directed, filmed and edited by Louise Hollerup. Produced by Yasmin Zaher, Aarhus Film Workshop and FilmLab Palestine

Salon, 2018. 6 min. Denmark.

Directed, filmed, produced and edited by Louise Hollerup. AVAILABLE ONLINE

Screenings*: RAI Film Festival library access, Bristol, UK // Palestine Film Days, Øst for Paradis, Aarhus // Palestine event, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Copenhagen // Disko Dusken, event by F16, Dome of Visions, Aarhus // Moesgård Museum, course for Anthropology students // Gendering in Research network, Aarhus University // Sexuality Studies, Aarhus University // Nordiska Folkhögskolan, Sweden // Feminist Reading Group, Café Mellemfolk, Aarhus // The Women’s Museum, Aarhus

*List of places where one, two or all three of the films have been screened.